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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Much like a function of an umbrella, umbrella insurance covers certain areas where other policies does not. This type of liability insurance, similar to excess insurance, covers the excess amount due once the primary insurance policies limit has been exhausted.

When would I need Umbrella Insurance?

  • Your pet animal injures a person which results in an expensive medical bill exceeding your primary insurance coverage.
  • Guest or serviceman falls on your property in Niles leading to a court decision awarding the injured person. If the amount surpasses the home insurance liability, the Umbrella Insurance can be used to cover additional expenses.
  • While driving your car, you swerve to avoid a child running into to street but manage to hit a business causing major damage with cost of repairs exceeding the limits of your auto insurance.
  • There was a fire that started in your business and it spread into your neighboring businesses causing major damages.

Sky Insurance provides both personal and commercial Umbrella Insurances to service your custom needs. Contact an agent today to see if you qualify for additional saving and discounts on your Insurance.

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