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Something that all homeowners need, a good night's sleep.

Home Insurance or Homeowner's Insurance (HOI) is for designated residential properties. A home is an expensive asset that you own and having the proper coverage for that unforeseeable event is essential in restoring back to the pre-disaster state. Can you imagine having to pay for repairs after a even a fire inside a home? A homeowner's policy includes both property insurance, which covers your home and contents, and as well as liability coverage, which covers the insured from risk of lawsuits or claims that occurred on the property.

In most cases, if you have a mortgage on a home, the lender will require HOI on your property so that their interests in the home is protected properly. The cost of a home insurance policy will vary on your dwelling and the level of coverage you are looking for. The lender will usually require the cost of rebuilding the property to its current state prior to damage as a condition of the loan.

Example of Home Insurance Coverage

home_insurance_smokeSmoke Damage - You come home from work a put a frozen pizza in the oven. Knowing that you have a good solid 24 minutes until your dinner is ready, you decide to take your dog for a quick walk around the block. During the walk you run into your old high school friend. Completely forgetting about your pizza in the oven, you decide to grab some coffee at a near by Starbucks. At the last sip of your grande skim latte, your eyes grows wide open and abruptly start running towards your home to the sound of fire sirens. Your home wasn't on fire but it did cause extensive smoke damage with charred walls and smell of smoke on every item in your home. It's not everyday this would happen but it did happen that day. After calling your insurance company, you sigh in relief. You have home insurance and smoke damage remediation is covered under your homeowner's policy. You vow never to leave the house with the oven on ever again.



Home Theft- You work hard at your job and finally it's time for a vacation that you been planning for months. You make sure you home is securely locked and leave your home to the airport. After a relaxing 7 days in the Caribbeans, you fly back to your home in Niles, IL and notice the front door ajar. Your suspicion turns into reality after noticing that your brand new 55 inch TV is not on the TV stand. You drop your luggage and start racing to your bedroom where you keep your jewelries and sentimental goods. To all dismay, the thief has run off with everything. With fear setting in you run out of the home to call the police. Your relaxing vacation is now simply forgotten. The police officer advise you to not touch anything else in the house for investigation and also tell you to call your insurance company to review your policy. Although not all things are replaceable, the insurance agent assures that you are covered and monetary relief is on its way. Being robbed of anything is a gut wrenching experience and a having your home invaded can leave anyone feeling vulnerable and violated. Be sure to discuss your policy options carefully with a home insurance expert.


home-insurance-puppyDog Incident - Puppies are probably one of the best things in life that can bring you joy. They are carefree and prefer to put anything in their mouth even before smelling. You are having fun in your front yard playing tug of war and trying to teach your dog some tricks. He seems attentive to your commands and you are feeling proud of your new best friend. Then from the corner of the street and little boy in his brand new bike with training wheels start riding down the sidewalk. Your puppy has never seen or heard of this interesting contraption and flies down the street towards to kid. You yell and shout to come back but the puppy's instinct has focused in on the bike coming towards his territory. He jumps towards the little boy and knocks him over on the sidewalk and proceeds to lick the boy in the face. The scared boy starts to cry as his mom comes running towards the scene and tends to the boy and you go and handle your puppy. The boy has fallen and has a cut on his knee and elbow. You are feeling pretty terrible at this moment and apologize profusely. The mother is outraged and calls the police officer leaving you with a court date, medical fees and a possible lawsuit. You are disappointed more at yourself than you are of the puppy. What does he know? Not knowing what to do, you call your insurance company which tells you that this kind of incident is covered in your home insurance policy. You decide to be more careful next time and vow to be a more responsible owner and trainer.

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