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What is Auto Insurance?

An automobile is a major purchase for an individual. Accidents happen, and you'll want to protect yourself financially. Instances where there is physical damage to the vehicle, bodily harm to an individual, or even scenarios where a collision doesn't take place like theft, auto insurance is the way to protect yourself from paying completely out-of-pocket. There are several different types of auto insurance available depending upon your needs.

Auto Insurance Coverages

Below are different types of auto insurance available. Read the description and/or watch the videos to understand which insurance is right for you.

  • Liability - liability insurance is for bodily injuries or physical damages you, as a policyholder, have caused to another individual or vehicle [video]
  • Medical or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) - this type of insurance if for you, as the policyholder and driver, and/or anyone else in the vehicle that needs medical attention [video]
  • Collision - collision insurance is for damage to your own vehicle [video]
  • Comprehensive - comprehensive insurance covers any other type of physical damage to a vehicle such as fire, floods, a cracked windshield from a rock, etc. This also covers theft. [video]
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage - this type of insurance is all about you and not for the individual who doesn't have or lacks enough insurance to cover your costs

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